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Vission: Due to the prominent role of research in community development and with the support and capabilities of its staff, the Research Center for Skin Diseases and Seekers intends to maintain and enhance its focus in the field of research, and management of educational-therapeutic programs over the next 3 years in the field of skin-hair and leishmaniasis disease and upgrading of its research status to reach the first place among other research centers in the country.‎ The goal of this center is to utilize advanced cell therapeutic technologies by designing and conducting new research and applying their results in the treatment of refractory skin diseases (burns, vitiligo and diabetic foot ulcers) and skin rejuvenation as well as interdisciplinary research.‎ 

Mission: At SDLRC, we are going to provide a calm and convenient space for research services and new diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the field of skin and hair diseases, and leishmaniasis.‎ In this regard, the center uses the world's facilities and experienced experts and researchers as a reference center to provide methods and programs for treating all skin diseases and leishmaniasis and also cell therapies for the treatment of diseases such as vitiligo, psoriasis, leishmaniasis, Chronic ulcers and active burns.‎ So we must upgrade our qualitative and quantitative research services by applying creativity and technologies, in order to enhance the University's scientific and research base.‎


  • Prevention and treatment of cutaneuos leishmaniasis.‎
  • Prevention and treatment of skin diseases.‎
  • Cell therapy and using it in treatment of skin diseases.‎ 

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